Sam Freedman

Managing Director
  • 15+ years in expert networks, diligence support, and theme development services
  • Specializes in business development and client relationships, talent mapping, and advisor identification & engagement
  • Focuses on Telemetry product development and client engagement

Tell us about your experience...

I have spent 20 years in consulting and information services largely focused on helping financial service firms find and engage experts to make better decisions. Have had the pleasure of leading teams and business across Asia (lived in Hong Kong), and North America, as well as maintaining partnership with leading global private equity firms and the amazing people that work there. Passionate about delivering white-glove experiences, solving problems, and building trusted relationships.

Early bird or night owl?

Being a night owl is my nature, though with two young children I do my best to keep my nature in check – when that does not work, there is always coffee.

When I’m not X I'm Y...

When not working, or spending time with the family, I find every opportunity to play basketball. Basketball has been a passion since childhood, loving the competition and team dynamics. I still have a weekly game with friends that has been going strong for +10 years - we are all now a bit older, but we are keeping it together (at least that is what we are telling ourselves).

Who we are

We are what we love
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