Niharika Shah

Data Analyst
  • Recent Emory University grad with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a double major in English & Creative Writing
  • Specialist in data analytics & quality and visual & written communications
  • Focuses on Telemetry analytics, client delivery, and product development

What personality trait has gotten you where you are?

I walk through the world, curious, thoughtful and open-hearted, even amidst those who are closed minded. It’s taken me years to realize I may not make the most friends by being too vulnerable but I’ll definitely make the right ones.

When I’m not X I’m Y...

When I’m not working, you will most likely find me at the gym. Over the pandemic, I developed a passion for fitness and found that getting stronger boosted my self-esteem and productivity. It’s my favorite getaway and I’m always a few degrees happier after a work out!

Early bird or night owl?

Depends on what’s needed of me! I can sail through all-nighters for a project, and if you invite me on an invigorating hike, I’ll be up and raring to go at sunrise.

Who we are

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