Matthew Staley

Principal Data Scientist
  • 10+ years in advanced mathematics and data science
  • Specialist in product development, data visualization, and data / computer science
  • Focuses on Telemetry product innovation / development and front-end user interface

Describe your job...

Data Scientist developing Telemetry’s infrastructure from the front end to back end. I am breaking new ground with data analytics and visualizations that help our team and clients discover stunning new ideas and make key business decisions. I also manage our cloud infrastructure and maintain our key data pipelines. It’s a dream job.

When I’m not X I’m Y...

When I’m not coding, I’m producing music. Or surfing. I participate in several music groups and lead new projects in the bay area. Guitar, flute, piano, bass and drums, I play them all. I have 20+ years of performing, composing and arranging… blues, rock and jazz, to ambient and electronic dance music.

What do you do when you’re stuck?

First I go for a run. Getting distance between me and my mind is helpful and I return refreshed. I also like to reach out to others for support. Talking through issues has always helped me from multiple perspectives.

What personality trait has gotten you where you are?

Patience and listening intently. Whilst in college I wanted to become a math teacher. Mathematics has the wild ability to create boundaries and unlimited possibilities in our minds. It reveals our insecurities and our strengths. I’ve learned that a great teacher is one who has the ability to sit quietly, listen intently, and leave all judgment behind. I carry these traits with me into the workforce and it allows me to build deep, trusting relationships.

Who we are

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