Kimberly Sackin

  • 10+ years in technology and M&A consulting
  • Specialist in product development, commercial diligence, go-to-market strategies, and program management
  • Leads Telemetry product management and delivery

What’s one thing you’re learning now?

There is power in the combination of listening to your intuition and taking measurement. In my free time, I enjoy honing my interior design skills making spontaneous furniture and color choices. After a few purchases of furniture perfect for the intended use but too big for the space, I’ve learned to measure before making final decisions. This mirrors Telemetry's strength in that our team's experience drives intuitive thinking while our data-driven product supports that need for true measurement.

Inside my brain...

I am inquisitive by nature… hence, I'm a consultant. I learn through exploration… in travel and reading (or Masterclass). Lately, I'm learning the science behind specific healthy habits. I joined a 10-month program called MadeFor, which provides a structured analog + community approach to adopting a new healthy habit each month (i.e., hydration or sleep.) It demonstrates that you can change your perspective about something you have done your entire life.

What personality trait has gotten you where you are?

Among my friends, I am the conflict diffuser. Last year I took an enneagram test and discovered my personality type is "Nine - The Peacemaker!" This trait has helped me build trusted relationships with my clients, team members and professional network because I consider all facets of a problem before coming to a realistic and fair solution.

Who we are

We are what we love
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