Jonathan Wu

Head of Product and Engineering
  • 10+ years at Yahoo building big data analytics solutions for the advertising business
  • 1/3 consultant, 1/3 data analyst, 1/3 data engineer
  • Develops & manages Telemetry's data driven solutions

What personality trait has gotten you where you are?

Curiosity! I always want to understand how everything works down to the nub of the nub. I love working with data because there is always more to explore.

What have you learned lately?

That there are a lot of poorly named creatures. Did you know that a horny toad is a lizard? Or that the Panamanian golden frog is actually a toad? Or that the Madagascar ground boa lives in trees?

What has inspired you lately?

Children imitating cormorants are even more wonderful than cormorants

Who we are

We are what we love
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