The mathematics of human potential

Make better strategic, investment, and talent decisions


if you could...
Identify every profitable customer in your market without investing a gazillion dollars in sales & marketing.
Find the best CDOs on planet earth that no one has ever heard of because their profiles don't scream digital.
Vet a novel investment theme without earning a DIY PhD in industry expertise.
Invest in a high performing management team that your competition doesn't even know exist.
Now imagine you could generate these insights in minutes and hours instead of weeks and months... at a fraction of the cost.

What would you do with your time? How would you invest your money?

Telemetry is working with our clients to create this future now.

What we do

Telemetry turns big data into actionable insight, making smart teams smarter

We start with publicly available data - a lot of it!


  • 60M Companies
  • 600M Members
  • 1B  Job experiences


  • 3M Companies
  • 300k Investments

We transform our data with 100s of terabytes of Computational Analysis - GCP loves us!

Clean & Transform

  • Organize Data around Companies
  • Recreate Historical Timelines
  • Translate into English


  • Departments & Seniority
  • Gender
  • Geographies


  • Trillions of Data Points
  • 100s of TBs of Computations
  • 10,000+ Features

We calculate standard metrics and generate proprietary advanced Insights - Think 'Moneyball' for 600m people

Industry Insights

  • Industry Benchmarks
  • Ecosystem Mapping

Company Insights

  • Hiring & Attrition
  • Talent Flow
  • Tenure

Moneyball Metrics

  • Performance Percentile
  • Talent Quality Index
Use Cases

We deliver actionable use cases that help our clients (dramatically) accelerate ROI. We’ve done a lot but there is a lot more to explore….

Private Equity

  • Deal Sourcing
  • Pre-Diligence, Diligence
  • Portco Transformation / Talent Sourcing


  • Customer Sourcing
  • Corporate Development
  • Go to Market Strategy & Tactics

Investment Firms

  • Systematic Trading
  • Market Research & Equity Analyst Insight
Still more to explore...

The science of better decisions

Radically productive analytics delivered as an extension of your team

How we work

Telemetry extends decades of data science and technology-focused consulting experience to your team.
Despite the recent success of platforms like ChatGPT, we are still years (if not decades) away from general AI that could affect competitive ROI in M&A or implement a world beating sales strategy. Outside of tech businesses that develop AI for a living, nobody (really) wants to build a data lake. Or hire a dev team. Or manage data scientists.

Telemetry applies decades of data science and technology focused consulting experience to LVR, our AI/ML platform. Our automated sourcing and benchmarking solutions support 80% of our clients’ needs. For the remaining 20% that require customization, we replace weeks and months of labor-based Excel, and PPT analysis with a day (or two) of Python and SQL code.

Telemetry is at our best when we work to extend your team to data driven insights. The good ideas come from you. By taking (most) of the labor out of the analysis, we love, love, love to share risk, which means investing time running down new hypotheses that expand our thinking and (occasionally) co-investing in deals. We create an ideas factory where together we can quickly vet hypotheses. Getting faster to no and smarter about yes, focuses your scarce time and financial resources on creating value.

Pulling the covers on our thinking

Active collaboration means being respectfully messy

Why Telemetry

Telemetry was founded because we believe people are the revolution.
Every transformation is preceded by the diminishing returns of well-intentioned people working in the inertia of the wrong problem. The PC replacing the IBM Selectric, the iPhone touch screen replacing the Blackberry analog keypad, cloud computing replacing premises infrastructure, chatGPT replacing traditional web search.

In each case, the market greeted these technologies with a luddite version of the stages of grief: denial (the new, new thing doesn’t work), anger (why is this happening to me?), bargaining (I can still make the old tech work), depression (my competition is pulling away), and acceptance (I need to think differently).

Like every tech revolution, big data and AI/ML isn’t about a different way of working so much as reimagining productivity from a (radically) different perspective.

We’re making the future now. Let’s work together to...

Seek truth: We are intellectually curious: constantly learning and evolving. We pursue truth by being open to new ideas, supporting insight with facts and data, and engaging in respectful discourse around different perspectives.

Tell stories: We understand the lasting power of a good story. We distill complex ideas and concepts into compelling visuals and narratives.

Build things: We create deep relationships, based on trust, open communication, and mutual respect with clients, vendors, and kindred spirits. We take the best ideas and turn them into reality.

Ready for the next step?

Call us on
+1 844 905 4119
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