The mathematics of human potential

Make better strategic, investment, and talent decisions

What we do

Telemetry automates insight,
making smart people better
We bring tech market expertise and our Longitudinal Value Realization (LVR™) data tool to a full range of commercial diligence and business optimization services. LVR automation allows us to accelerate insight in pre-diligence where clients can make better decisions before investing in formal diligence. Our engagement model is predicated on shared risk and aligned interests – we get paid by making clients more successful.

Our offering includes:

Theme Development

  • Theme Testing
  • Market Maturity Analysis
  • Asset Investment Opportunity Analysis
  • Asset Sourcing


  • Market Modeling (trends / forecasting)
  • Competitive / Partner Ecosystem Analysis
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • Business Model Performance Analysis


  • Management Meeting Support
  • Go to Market Strategy / Offering Roadmap Analysis
  • Voice of the Customer Executive Interviewing
  • Business Model Benchmarking Optimization Analysis

Business Operations

  • First 90 Day Plan Development / Support
  • Go to Market Strategy / Offering Roadmap Transformation
  • Market, Customer, and Competitive Intelligence Support
  • Business Model Transformation Support

The science of better decisions

Talent-centered quality of performance™ analysis delivered as a service

How we work

Decades of technology focused consulting
We combine decades of technology focused consulting experience and data science with a diverse range of interests – everything from Michael Lewis’s ‘Moneyball’ and jazz guitar to linear algebra.

Our engagement model is built on active collaboration. We like to be respectfully messy by pulling the covers on our thinking, providing access to our tools and assumptions, debating ideas. Success results from supporting your process, not expecting you to adopt ours.

Our goal is to extend your team to tech market expertise, data science, predictive models / visualizations, quality of performance (QOP) analysis. How we do that - everything from raw data inputs to high-touch diligence and vendor go to market strategic & tactical support - is up to you.

Pulling the covers on our thinking

Active collaboration means being respectfully messy

Why Telemetry

Telemetry was founded based on our trust in human potential
We believe in science and the power of data to capture the individual characteristics that affect performance. While we’re humble enough to acknowledge the ineffable alchemy of human potential, we’re obsessed with the observable traits that mathematically explain organizations, teams, and individuals who deliver better outcomes.

We work together with people to...

Seek truth. We are intellectually curious: constantly learning and evolving. We pursue truth by being open to new ideas, supporting insight with facts and data, and engaging in respectful discourse around different perspectives.

Tell stories. We understand the lasting power of a good story. We distill complex ideas and concepts into compelling visuals and narration.

Build things. We create deep relationships, based on trust, open communication, and mutual respect, with clients, vendors, and kindred spirits. We take the best ideas and turn them into reality.

Ready for the next step?

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